Schedule and Fees

Our classes are designed around the concept of taking you to maximum functionality in Arabic in minimal time while keeping costs very affordable. This involves classes that are packed with content and schedules that allow for time between classes for maximum comprehension, assimilation, and use of the language.

Levels 1, 2, and 3 are aimed at quickly acquiring vocabulary and speaking ability, so are normally scheduled for 3 hours per class, 3 classes per week, with a day or two between classes for self review, listening to and repeating after recordings, and individual study and practice in speaking, reading and writing.

Levels 4 and 5 deal with advanced speech and language concepts so are normally scheduled for 2 hours per class and 2 classes per week. This allows for maximum assimilation and advanced usage of the language.

The two special classes Speak and Think Like an Arab (S & T), and Read and Write Like an Arab (R & W) follow this same 2 hours per class and 2 classes per week schedule normally.

Fees are quoted in JD, Jordanian Dinar, which are equal to $1 x 1.4124

Nashmi Arabic Program Fees
Level Hours Classes Length
L1 3h/Cl 3Cl/W 8W/2M 150JD
L2 3h/Cl 3Cl/W 12W/3M 150JD
L3 3h/Cl 3Cl/W 16W/4M 150JD
L4 2h/Cl 2Cl/W 30W/7.5M 65JD
L5 2h/Cl 2Cl/W 30W/7.5M 65JD
Special Classes Fees
Level Hours Classes Length
S&T 2h/Cl 2Cl/W 8W/2M 65JD
R&W 2h/Cl 2Cl/W 8W/2M 65JD