Why Jordan?

Because you are going to love living and learning Arabic in Jordan!

Jordan is in the very heart of the Middle East. It's a beautiful country filled with warm and hospitable people. Though there has been conflict in the surrounding countries, Jordan has remained a bastion of safety and freedom.

Many consider Jordan as one of the best places in the world to learn to speak Arabic. There are a host of reasons for that. To start with, Jordan is part of the “Levant” which consists of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine. The Levantine Arabic dialect spoken here is shared over 45 Million people, making it the largest spoken Arabic dialect next to Egyptian Arabic, which is spoken by over 65 Million people. Because of Jordan's central location, and because many movies and series have been produced in Syria over the years, the Levantine dialect is easily understood throughout the Arab world. This allows someone who has learned to speak Arabic in Jordan to easily move to another Arabic country and build relationships right away.

Because of the hospitality of the Jordanian people, Jordan has opened it's arms to more refugees than any other country in the region. This has brought millions of Arabs here from around the Arab world. Many others are here from other countries for work or from family ties as well. This provides a great opportunity to build relationships with Arabs from throughout the Middle East. For example, a trip to a local restaurant by an Arabic student here led to a lively conversation with a Jordanian, Syrian, Iraqi, Egyptian, and a Yemeni, and that was just the crew that was working directly behind the counter!